I'm Maria 

Let's confront the reality: all of us have been affected in some way in our journey of embracing our sexuality, perhaps not on a personal level, but by inhabiting a world that hasn't always supported us in fully experiencing and embracing it.

We continue to experience sexual oppression, regardless of gender, age, or background, due to our history. But, I believe that we can transform our lives into more pleasurable ones if we understand how and why we lost that pleasure in the first place. The reality is that pleasure resides within us; it's ingrained in our nerves, organs, and fantasies. Changing our mindset regarding pleasure frequently paves the way for experiencing more pleasure.

My clients are proof of this change. 

We deserve change and I am ready for it!

Are you?

Do you know how it happens? 

By changing it yourself. 


By recognizing that your body is capable of experiencing incredible orgasms, love, and pleasure, even after you've been impacted by trauma, pelvic floor dysfunction, violence, or a loss of self-worth, you can always rediscover your connection to your body and pleasure.

This work is undeniably a calling, but it is also my means of combating inequality and embracing feminism. It serves as a constant reminder that I am equally deserving of all the love and pleasure my body, soul, and spirit could ever desire

And I want this abundance for you too.






"The results speak for themselves. Sex is 10 x more enjoyable, my body feels more relaxed and the sense of security with my partners feels stronger."


/  Sofia /


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